ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

The process of making woodblock-printed handkerchief

Fabric products such as handkerchiefs and scarves are produced by using the woodblock printing technique from India. The woodblock printing technique, in which each color is stamped separately impression by impression on fabrics, takes a great deal of time and labor, and so it is not suitable for mass production. Therefore, there are very few places outside of India where this technique is in use for textile printing. The natural features of hand-made products, such as a blurring of the ink and lack of uniformity, make each piece unique and attractive.


Woodblocks, varying in the designs and colors are hand stamped one by one onto the fabric one by one just like stamps.

PRINT スタンプ工程イメージ REPEAT 完成イメージ FINISH

After the printing is complete, the fabric is sewn into a handkerchief. The woodblock printing may cause minor color fades and deviations in the pattern and therefore it gives this products its charming.

How to: Creating ZUAN for woodblock printing

  • 1 Create a pattern in a repeated geometric design.
  • 2 Organize the pattern into a combination of motifs.
  • 3 Consider the colors and the whole balance of the design.
  • 4 Draw the details of the actual design with a pen.
  • 5 Color the patterns, then specify each color code.
  • 6 This ZUAN will become the scarf.
パターン考案イメージ モチーフの組み合わせイメージ 色と全体感の検証イメージ ペンで詳細に書き込みイメージ 色指定イメージ スカーフ完成イメージ