ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima


Makoto Kagoshima’s collaboration with the KARAKAMI studio, “Kamisoe,” in Nishijin, Kyoto. Originally from China, KARAKAMI was used as wallpaper on such places as Fusuma partitions (sliding doors) and Shouji (paper screen). In the Heian period, KARAKAMI underwent a unique transformation specific to Japanese aesthetics and artistic technique, and became essential to decorating Japanese-style rooms. KARAKAMI that is based on ZUAN by Makoto Kagoshima gives a particular impression that is neither Japanese nor Western style.


The symmetrical ZUAN, which shows a pomegranate motif, was created with a paper cutout that had been folded in two. The artist conveys a variety of impressions with differences in layout and color.

唐紙スケッチ 唐紙版画イメージ 唐紙プリントイメージ

Artisans create an original woodblock carving using the ZUAN drawn by Makoto Kagoshima. The finished woodblocks are beautiful art works in and of themselves.