ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima


“Kurume-kasuri” is a traditional handicraft with a history that spans more than 200 years developed around the Chikugo-district in Fukuoka. Kasuri-textile features a technique that incorporates kasuri twine in which previously dyed horizontal and vertical threads are woven together into a design. It takes about 3 months and more than 30 steps to weave Kurume-kasuri.

You can find Makoto Kagoshima’s 'ZUAN' rendered in Kasuri woven patterns, through Shimogawa which has been preserving traditional techniques to weave fabrics while offering new perspectives of art.


This sketch drawn by Makoto Kagoshima reveals the artist’s consideration of details down to the color of the threads.


After determining the number of weft threads required on the loom by calculating the width of the thread along with the weave density and thread tension, the Kasuri artisan draws blueprints.

糸のイメージ 折機のイメージ

The threads for the patterns are twined according to the ZUAN design blueprint and prepared for the dyeing process. The warp and weft threads are dyed separately. The warp threads are set in the loom and weft threads in the shuttle. The pattern appears as each weft is woven. Woven textiles are parboiled, washed in cold water, line dried and rolled up into a Tanmono (cloth) as a last step.

竿干しのイメージ 完成した絣のアップイメージ