ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima


Transformed from one paper pattern into a mold, Makoto Kagoshima's ceramic objects are created from clay slabs that are cut using paper patterns, then slowly molded by hand step by step into three-dimensional molds. These finished pieces were used as the prototypes for production of LINNUT / Wall plaque and JÄNIS / vase products.

To create three-dimensional pieces from flat paper patterns, Makoto Kagoshima's highly technical skill is necessary, as he has perfected his craft following numerous trials. A ceramic factory is capable of manufacturing products using a prototype, but only Makoto Kagoshima is capable of imagining and creating the shapes for these pieces of art.

Let us take a look at the processes for handmade objects that become the basis of two products (LINNUT and JÄNIS).

LINNUT / Wall Plaque

  • LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ01

    1 Knead the clay and roll it out into a flat slab.

  • LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ02

    2 Place the paper pattern down onto the clay and cut out two pieces along the lines of the pattern.

  • LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ03

    3 Mold each piece by hand into a 3D shape.

  • LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ04

    4 Paste the two pieces together. and you are done!

JÄNIS / Vase

  • JÄNIS / Vase イメージ01

    1 Cut the clay along the lines of the paper pattern.

  • JÄNIS / Vase イメージ02

    2 Mold by hand into a 3D shape.

  • JÄNIS / Vase イメージ03

    3 Line up the three pieces including the right, left and bottom.

  • JÄNIS / Vase イメージ04

    4 Paste each piece together. and you are done!