ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima


Paper mobile are created by focusing attention on a single motif of Makoto Kagoshima's "ZUAN".

Art Director Kei Maeda takes a single motif from Makoto Kagoshima’s ZUAN design and reconfigures it into 3D art. The mobiles are then handcrafted by “tempo,” a contemporary brand mobile manufacturer.

Motifs, such as the flower motif, are brought to life from flat paper and each motif is truly appealing on its own. The mobile is designed so that the elements are in constant motion while the entire mobile maintains a harmonic balance.
Paper mobiles are decorative items that can be enjoyed and incorporated into your home to allow you to enjoy the attractive ZUAN works of Makoto Kagoshima daily.


Kei Maeda, the art director, extracts the ZUAN designs from Makoto Kagoshima's ceramic works and examines each motif.


“tempo” handles the adjustments in balance and positioning of the motifs.

While carefully examining the balance and movement of the motifs, “tempo” makes adjustments to the positioning of the motifs and to the length of nylon threads and wires. Using test images and prototypes, any further adjustments are made.


In this instance, the motifs are narrowed down to 3 flowers and a butterfly. After finalizing details for foil stamping as well as paper size, paper material and foil color, the motif parts are sent out for production at a paper-processing manufacturer.


“tempo” assembles the motifs.
To keep accurate positioning of the motif throughout the mobile, each part is set on a wooden board and tied meticulously with nylon threads using tweezers.


The mobile is complete!