ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

Seeing What Happens When We Single Out ZUAN From Ceramics

The appeal of ceramic artist Makoto Kagoshima’s works stems from his “ZUAN,” or designs, which features plant and animal motifs. Our products are derived from ZUAN after envisioning scenarios such as 'What happens to the design if we take it away from the form of pottery?' or 'What happens if we change the medium of Makoto Kagoshima's works from ceramics to paper?' We are producing fun products with the understanding that Makoto Kagoshima's works have broad range and appeal even if the design is not found on a ceramic plate.

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Printed series such as posters, postcards and other paper products are our new attempt to allow people to rediscover the fascination in Makoto Kagoshima’s ‘ZUAN.’ By extracting ZUAN out of the framework of ceramics and reassembling the patterns into the flat designs, Kei Maeda, the art director, shows us that ZUAN drawn by Makoto Kagoshima is truly appealing regardless of the material such as ceramics or papers. Kei Maeda has been working on lots of contents production for Makoto Kagoshima, therefore he knows Makoto Kagoshima's view of world well and it leads to new attempt for ZUAN and ZOKEI production.