ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

AKVAARIO / Paper Napkin イメージ1 AKVAARIO / Paper Napkin イメージ2 AKVAARIO / Paper Napkin イメージ3 AKVAARIO / Paper Napkin イメージ4 AKVAARIO / Paper Napkin イメージ5

AKVAARIO / Paper Napkin

To producing the paper napkin of ZUAN & ZOKEI product series, Kei Maeda, the art director reconstitutes the ‘ZUAN’ drawn by Makoto Kagoshima. Kei Maeda has separated each and every motif from the original drawing, reassembled them like puzzle and designed in different colors against original drawing. The paper napkin is made in Finland. As working on lots of contents production for Makoto Kagoshima, Kei Maeda knows Makoto Kagoshima’s view of world better than anyone else and it leads to new attempt for ZUAN and ZOKEI production.

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dimension: W33 x H33 cm (package W17 × H17 × D2cm)
color:Black / Yellow / Blue / Pink
1pack : 20sheets
made in Finland
Art direction and design : Kei Maeda