ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

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We produce the Japanese traditional style bag and cushion cover from“Kurume-kasuri” which is woven based on the ZUAN drawn by Makoto Kagoshima. “Kurume-kasuri” is the traditional handicrafts which has more than 200 year history, developed around the Chikugo-district in Fukuoka.The feature of kasuri-textile is a technique to twine and dye vertical threads and horizontal ones together so as to weave up a design.

Making good use of the width woven by weaver, we produce Japanese traditional style bag and cushion cover of made out of single kasuri-textile.

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material:100% Cotton
dimension: W52 × H52cm
made in Japan

□Washing instruction , Attention
-As the feature of the materials, shrink and color fading can be seen, so please prewash once before using.
-Wash in cool or lukewarm water (below 40℃) without washing with other clothes.
-In case of using detergent, please use only neutral detergent for washing, not using fluorescent bleach.
-Keeping your wash damp, it may cause color fading or color migration.
-Soft wring by hand or short time use in case of using whizzer to dry
-Keep the shape while it is slightly damp, and try to dry it flat.