ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

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Woodblock Print Scarf

Based on the ZUAN drawn by Makoto Kagoshima, the handkerchiefs are all made by hand works of artisans in Indian atelier by printing different colors with woodblock on fabric for each color.

It has natural feature of hand-made products such as blur of ink or lack of uniformity in color & printing.

5,000 yen(without tax)Go shopping

material:100% Cotton
dimension: W100 x H100cm
designs: Six Flowers (mono)/Six Flowers (purple)/Six Flowers (blue)
made in India

□Washing instruction & attention
Please remind that frayed parts can be seen due to the production process of sewing.
-As the feature of the materials, shrink and color fading can be seen, so please prewash once before use.
-Hand washing is recommended in cool or lukewarm water (below 30℃) without washing with other clothes.
-In case of using detergent, please use only neutral detergent for washing, not using fluorescent bleach.
-Keeping your wash damp, it may cause color fading or color migration.
-Keep the shape while it is slightly damp, and try to dry it flat.
-No dry cleaning