ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

Vase / JÄNIS イメージ1 Vase / JÄNIS イメージ2 Vase / JÄNIS イメージ3

Vase / JÄNIS

“Vase / JÄNIS” is the rabbit flower vase which is made with the technique of ‘Hasamiyaki’(Hasami’s pottery) by using ceramic mold based on ‘ZOKEI’ of Makoto Kagoshima’s rabbit vase by handwork .
Makoto Kagoshima has a special feeling to the rabbit flower vase of handwork because this work can be said the origin of his own art style producing ZOKEI by cutting out the design drawn on the flat paper.
The design that flowers can be placed in both ears of rabbit is appealing with a sense of humor of Makoto Kagoshima.
By combining the technique of ‘Hasamiyaki’ having 400 years of history with his ZOKEI, we produce this flower vase for daily use.

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dimension:W6 × D5 × H18cm
color:White / Brown / Pink 
made in Japan

-The products are ceramic works made in Japan.
-Through the process of the production, many parts of the works are done by hand-work.The vases are soaked in glaze by hand work, so each single has different shading and the feature of rabbits look a bit different individually. Please understand shading of graze or little distortion.
-Textured bottom of the vase may cause the damage on the table top, so recommend placing something under the vase on the flat space.