ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ1 LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ2 LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ3 LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ4 LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ5 LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ6 LINNUT / Wall Plaque イメージ7

LINNUT / Wall Plaque sharp

“LINNUT” is the wall plaque, ‘wall hanging objet’ designed by Makoto Kagoshima. Based on the handwork ‘wall bird’ which Makoto Kagoshima has been producing since he got started ceramics, it is made with the technique of ‘Hasamiyaki’ by using ceramic mold.
“Wall Plaque / LINNUT” will add a nice touch to your interior as if the hand-painted birds were flying out of the ZUAN world of Makoto Kagoshima.

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color:White / Yellow / Blue / Pink 
made in Japan

The products are ceramic works made in Japan.
-Through the process of the production, many parts of the works are done by hand-work.
The products are soaked in glaze by hand work, so each single has different shading and the feature of birds look a bit different individually. Please understand shading of graze or little distortion.
-Prior to setting the product on the wall, be sure to examine the strength of the wall and select the suitable hook on the ideal spot to hang it.
-Recommend placing it on the safety space to avoid falling hazard.
-There are 3 small holes on the backside of the product. By tracing the position of hole on the paper, please use it to find the desired hanging location.
-Please select suitable tools such as hanging hook or nail for hanging the product. In case of using nail or hook, please set it at slight upward angle to stabilize the product with the hole.