ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

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KUKKIA / Mobile

“KUKKIA” is the mobile product based on the ZUAN drawn by Makoto Kagoshima. Kei Maeda, the art director, is charge of art direction works and creates this mobile assembling flat motifs of ZUAN into the 3D world.

If you hang this mobile over your bed or sofa, you can enjoy the graceful flying of the lovely butterfly and flowers. It moves ever-so charmingly and you can easily enjoy ZUAN world as the interior item in your daily life.

Paper mobile will be suitable interior item in your daily life to enjoy the attractive ZUAN world of Makoto Kagoshima.

6,000 yen(without tax)Go shopping

dimension: mobile: W32× H35cm
                  box: W22.5× H36 × D1cm
made in Japan
Art direction and design : Kei Maeda
Handicraft : tempo

-Pulling hard cause the damage to the mobile structure.
-Recommend using indoors, not outdoors or windy place.
-Please consider the hanging space and arrange the length of the string, take care not to get injured by the mobile.
-In case of hanging on the higher position, please work with enough caution.
-Please check if the hook on the wall has been fixed tightly.
-Recommend not placing anything under the mobile in case of falling.