ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

NORSU / Wrapping Cloth イメージ1 NORSU / Wrapping Cloth イメージ2 NORSU / Wrapping Cloth イメージ3 NORSU / Wrapping Cloth イメージ4 NORSU / Wrapping Cloth イメージ5 NORSU / Wrapping Cloth イメージ6

NORSU / Wrapping Cloth

Using the “Zuan” drawn by Makoto Kagoshima, we have produced original Wrapping Cloths in a factory in Finland. You can see good chemistry mixing traditional Japanese culture using Furoshiki as a wrapping cloth and Finland culture, enjoying textile designs in their living space. Please be free to be creative in making a good use of our wrapping cloth, as a wrapping material with any shapes and sizes, as an organizer for your belongings, as a fashion item and as for interior décor. The materials used are 100% linen, which are strong and flexible.

4,500 yen(without tax)Go shopping

material:100% Linen
color:turquoise / pistachio
dimension :W65 x H65cm
made in Finland

Washing Instruction
– Wash separately.
– Natural linen shrinks and looses some color during the wash.
– Do not use softener and avoid bleach.
– Do not tumble-dry.
– Iron the textile while it is damp.