ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

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ZUAN Letters Poster

This design collection called “ZUAN Letters” is based on the ZUAN (design) of alphabet letters by Makoto Kagoshima. You can find the hidden creatures which are derived from its alphabet in each of the botanical ZUAN design. Kei Maeda, the art director produced the alphabet form and then Makoto Kagoshima added the detail into the frame. In total, there are 28 ZUAN including 26 alphabets plus 2 marks such as “&” and “?”.
Despite changing the figure from ceramics to alphabets, Makoto Kagoshima’s ZUAN is always appealing to people with constant structure and vivid expression.
This poster produced by Kei Maeda, the art director of “ZUAN and ZOKEI” is designed to be dense and shown Makoto Kagoshima’s ZUAN alphabets as large as possible. It is a B2 size and can be foldable like a street map. With repeating the trial manufacturing for different paper types and folding process, we produced the beautiful fold posters like an old French metro poster.

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dimension:W51.5cm x H 72.8cm (B2)

made in Japan
Art direction and design : Kei Maeda