ZUAN&ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

ZUAN & ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshimaのロゴマーク

ZUAN & ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima

“ZUAN & ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima” is the product brand, produced by biotope corp. ZUAN means ‘design and pattern’, and ZOKEI means ‘formative design’. What’s so appealing about the art works of Makoto Kagoshima, it has to be “ZUAN and ZOKEI” he creates. We at “ZUAN & ZOKEI by Makoto Kagoshima” focus on broadening the possibility of creative works with his attractive ZUAN and ZOKEI. Clipping the specific ZUAN, the design and pattern out of his ceramic works, drawing new design or producing new product line inspired by his formative design of his handmade works, we are exploring the future possibilities of ZUAN & ZOKEI with conveying the background of his creation. Collaborating with a variety of designers, artists and manufacturers, we have developed a wide variety of products that reflect the ideas of collaborators.

About Makoto Kagoshima

Born in Fukuoka, Japan. After graduating from an art college, he worked as a shop interior designer, which is responsible for the management and display of the shop. Nowadays, He has been creating his art works mainly potteries, fabric and printing at his atelier based in Fukuoka. His works such as animals shaped art pieces and plates decorated with charming illustrations are so fascinating with cheerful atmosphere. Recently he holds private exhibitions even abroad in LA, Taipei and London. His areas of activity will be expanding and having many fans of his works from all over the world.

About biotope

biotope is a company, introducing selected items for creative lifestyles, beautiful things with stories behind as well as fine pieces with feeling a sense of manufactures and designers. Making a good use of relationships with the brands/makers and designers from Finland and other European countries, the company has designed its own shops, produced the exhibitions, also distributed reliable items including the original products. Through those activities, biotope performs to show charms and values the things they believe the best with all possibilities.


Art Director Kei Maeda
Born in 1980. Graduated from Department of Graphic Design, Tama Art University. As an art director, he has worked in various fields with graphic, editorial, web design and etc. He is responsible for total art direction of ZUAN&ZOKEI, from the design of paper items and web pages.
Space Design(Exhibition) Design Office IMA
A space design unit comprised of Mana & Takashi Kobayashi, who have experience in private housing architecture, interior design for retail shop, design for exhibition hall and stand, public space and individual products, with an ongoing focus on shop design. While designing with a balance and a sense of humor, they have been continuing to improve the convenience as well as the functions. The unit has also designed the space in exhibitions of “ZUAN&ZOKEI”.
Text & Edit Saiko Ena
A freelance editor and writer. Saiko has worked various contents for ZUAN&ZOKEI both editing and writing to introduce the charms of its original products as well as its concept.
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